Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not Guilty for Domestic Battery After Trial in Maywood

Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas, obtained a Not Guilty verdict for a Domestic Battery in the Maywood courthouse. Mr. Dimeas's client was charged with a Domestic Battery and with Interference With Reporting a Domestic Battery involving his 17 year old daughter. The client had been divorced from his wife. He arranged to meet his 17 year old daughter, and her dog, at a park close to the daughter's home. The client and the daughter walked with the dog in the park and the client then placed the dog inside his jacket to keep it warm. The client decided to go into his car to keep warm. The daughter thought that the client was trying to take her dog and attempted to stop him from getting into his car. The daughter testified that she tried to grab the dog as the client was holding it inside his dog. A struggle ensued and a couple of motorists stopped to render assistance and to call the police. A witness testified that she saw the daughter pinned against the vehicle but thought that she was witnessing an abduction. The daughter testified that the dog belonged to her and her father. She also testified that her father pinned her arm against the car but that she was determined to not let him take her dog.

At the close of the state's case, Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas, moved for a Directed Verdict, arguing that the state had failed to produce enough evidence for the case to continue. Mr. Dimeas argued that the daughter was the aggressor and that she provoked the client by grabbing at the dog as the client was holding it to his chest, close to his neck and face. In addition, the daughter had testified that the dog belonged to her and her father. The court agreed with Chicago criminal defense attorney James Dimeas and found in favor of his client and dismissed all the charges against him.

The client was extremely grateful for the efforts of Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas's efforts. The client had no criminal record. He is an accomplished Engineer who holds several patents and has published several professional works of literature.

This victory by Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas, keeps his unbeaten streak in Maywood alive!

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