Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chicago Boot Proposal Off - For Now

The Chicago Finance Committee did not take any action today on a proposal by Mayor Daley to drop the number of unpaid parking tickets needed to be eligible to have the boot used from three to two. Mayor Daley made this proposal in an attempt to squeeze $48 million dollars from motorists to try to attack a $420 million budget shortfall in the City of Chicago budget. According to newspaper reports, the Chicago Finance Committee did not take any action on the proposal because there were not enough votes to pass the proposal. Supporters of the proposal vow to rewrite and reintroduce the proposal "to make it more politically palatable."

In 2002, the drop in the boot threshold was dropped from five parking tickets to three. The City was able to raise more than $8.2 million and settled some 242,000 parking tickets in a six week amnesty program shortly after the threshold was lowered.

Critics of the proposal to drop the threshold from 3 to 2 argue that poor people would be affected unfairly. They don't have money to pay their parking tickets, they can't afford to pay to have the boot removed and then have their car destroyed by the city. In addition, there have been numerous complaints from motorists that they were not properly ticketed or that motorists living in the suburbs receiving tickets from the City of Chicago when they have never been to the City of Chicago.

We will keep you informed of any developments as they become available.

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