Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kane County Announces Second Chance Felony Drug Program

Yesterday, the Kane County State's Attorneys Office has announced the creation of a Second Chance Felony Drug Program for Kane County cases.  The Kane County State's Attorneys Office already has Diversion Programs for domestic battery cases and for misdemeanor drug cases.  I have had clients placed into these programs.  Like the domestic battery and misdemeanor drug programs the Second Chance Felony Drug Program will give participants a chance to avoid a criminal record.  It will be open to people arrested for small amounts of drugs who do not have any criminal record and meet all the other requirements of the program. People who enter the program will be required to go through a year long drug education program and undergo random drug testing.  Those who successfully complete the program will have the charges against them dismissed and will be allowed to expunge their record.  The entire cost of the program will be paid for by the fines, fees and costs that are collected from the program participants who will be required to pay about $2,100 to go through the program.

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