Friday, March 2, 2012

Maywood Court Clerk Accused of Gang Affiliation

A Cook County Court clerk working at the Maywood courthouse has been accused of being a member of the Imperial Insane Vice Lords street gang.  The 46 year old man vehemently denies the allegations.  The allegations were revealed in a book that was recently released by the Chicago Crime Commission.  The book names this individual as a leader of this street gang.  After the book was released the president of the West Suburban Chiefs of Police Association wrote a letter to Dorothy Brown, the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, warning her that allowing this individual to work in the Maywood Courthouse was a "serious concern" to the law enforcement agencies belonging to his association.  The concern is that the clerks access to sensitive documents containing information on search and arrest warrants, applications for wiretaps, and details about ongoing investigations could potentially be leaked to gangs.  The Chicago Crime Commission included a photograph of the clerk in their book and identified him as a leader of this gang.  The employee denies any affiliation with the gang but does admit that he grew up in a neighborhood in which gang members operated.  He has worked for the clerk's office for 8 years.  The Chicago Crime Commission believes that he has leadership influence in this gang.

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