Thursday, November 11, 2010

Libertyville Red Light Camera Revenue Falls Below Expectations

The town of Libertyville reports that the revenue that they expected to receive from their red light cameras has fallen far below the original estimates.  Last May, Libertyville installed cameras at four intersections, Route 45 and Peterson Road, Milwaukee Avenue and Artaius Parkway, Milwaukee Avenue and Route 137 and Peterson Road and Butterfield Road.  As of the end of October, a total of 1,030 citations were issued at all four intersections.  Each citation carries a $100 fine.  $70 of the fine goes to Libertyville and $30 goes to the private company, Gatso-USA.  706 tickets have been paid, 324 remain outstanding and only nine tickets have gone to an administrative hearing.  The revenue from the tickets issued is expected to be $716,000 short of the amount that had been expected to be generated.  Apparently, drivers in Libertyville have gotten the message that red light cameras are installed at these intersections and are being careful not to get caught.  Also, the town does not issue tickets for right turn on red lights, a major source of red light ticket in other towns.  The town does not consider those to even be violations and specifically excludes these from their contract with Gatso-USA.  This may be a big reason why revenues have fallen short of expectations.  Libertyville will re-evaluate the use of cameras a year after they were installed.  The results will also be reviewed by the Illinois Department of Transportation which may order that they cameras be removed since they are all located on state roads.

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