Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Medical Marijuana Bill Signed In New Jersey

In his last official act as Governor of the State of New Jersey, Jon Corzine signed the recently passed medical marijuana measure into law.  The legislation, known as the "Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana" bill, makes New Jersey the fourteenth state to legalize medical marijuana.  However, the New Jersey measure is considered to be the toughest piece of medical marijuana legislation in the United States.  The legislation does not allow people to grow their own marijuana or to use it in public.  In addition, it only allows the use of marijuana for certain stated illnesses.  The marijuana can only be obtained through state licensed and monitored dispensaries. 

In the past year the federal government has announced that it will stop raiding dispensaries and will allow states to pass their own measures when it comes to medical marijuana.  This new policy is a sharp departure from the position of the Bush Administration.

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