Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DUI Charges By Questionable Cop Dropped

On October 6, 2009 we published an article about a video of a DUI arrest by Chicago Police Officer Richard Fiorito.  The video sparked controversy because it showed that Fiorito had lied on his police report and that the motorist he arrested for DUI did not appear intoxicated or fail any field sobriety tests.  Yesterday, Anita Alvarez, the current Cook County State's Attorney, ordered that DUI charges against several defendants arrested by  Fiorito be dismissed.  According to a spokesperson for the Cook County States Attorneys' office, the charges were dropped because Fiorito was no longer considered "credible."  In addition, at least 20 other motorists who have previously been convicted of DUI are seeking to reopen their cases and challenge Fiorito's arrest.

It looks like the flood gates are opening and now everything Fiorito did will be scrutinized and called into question.  Congratulations to Anita Alvarez for doing the right and honorable thing.

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