Monday, October 5, 2009

Ohio Death Penalty System In Disarray

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, has postponed the execution of an inmate scheduled for this Thursday. The controversy arises out of the botched execution attempt of an inmate on September 15. Technicians tried for two hours to find suitable veins on Romell Brown. The botched attempt called into serious question Ohio's lethal injection procedures. Lawrence Reynolds, Jr., is scheduled to be executed on Thursday. Earlier in the day, the Ohio Attorney General asked the U.S. Supreme Court to let Reynolds execution go forward. However, later in the day, Governor Strickland announced that he would be granting a temporary reprieve to Reynolds until at least March, 2010. He also granted a temporary reprieve to Darryl Durr, who was scheduled to be executed in a few weeks, until at least April, 2010. In his announcement, Governor Strickland indicated that additional time was needed to thoroughly examine Ohio's lethal injection procedure to make it legal in accordance with Ohio law. Brown's execution has been delayed indefinitely.

All of the inmates are arguing that Ohio's lethal injection procedures violates the constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Judges reviewing these matters have been split.

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