Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kane County "No Refusal" Crackdown Is Back

Just when it looked like Kane County's "No Refusal" crackdown was on the ropes comes news that it will be back for Halloween. We first reported about this program, which is targeted towards catching drunk drivers, on July 1, 2009. Kane County authorities had announced that they would be conducting a crackdown for the fourth of July weekend. Just a few weeks ago, on August 12, 2009, we reported that Kane Countydis States Attorney John Barsanti was indicating that the program may be ended because of a lack of interest from local police agencies. Since that announcement, at least eight local police agencies have contacted Barsanti's office expressing interest in participating in the program. As a result, Barsanti has announced that a "No Refusal" operation will be conducted in a yet to be disclosed location in Kane County on Halloween. Since Memorial Day, 2008, three "No Refusal" operations have been carried out only resulting in 25 arrests. It's called "No Refusal" because judges are on the scene and police have the judges sign warrants if drivers refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test. The program has been criticized by many legal observers, including this author, for being an abuse of government power.

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