Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Elgin Parking Ticket Appeals Process Being Challenged In Court

A South Elgin man is suing the City of Elgin claiming that the town's appeals process for parking tickets is faulty. The man challenging the appeals process is Dan Kairis. Dan's son received a parking ticket in January. Elgin had apparently set up an odd-even parking schedule along certain streets to ease snow removal and leaf pick up at certain locations. Dan showed up at the appeal hearing and argued that the city had not put up any signs. He also presented photographs showing that no signs were posted. Dan argues that the hearing officer was a private attorney paid by the town, did not allow him to tape record the hearing, did not allow him to cross examine the officer who wrote the ticket and presented evidence on behalf of the town. Dan is claiming in his lawsuit that he did not get a fair chance to face his accuser and that there was a conflict between the hearing officer's role as a judge and his actions as a prosecutor on behalf of the town.

Dan Kairis is acting as his own attorney. We wish him the best of luck in his lawsuit.

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