Tuesday, May 19, 2009

State Senate Overwhelmingly Rejects Speed Cameras

In a blow to supporters of speed cameras on our public roads, the Illinois Senate rejected a modified plan to put cameras to automatically measure a vehicle's speed in school, park and hospital zones and issue speeding tickets. 35 senators voted against this proposal and only 13 voted for it. This proposed legislation was supported by State Senator Terry Link of Waukegan. This proposal was a modified proposal from an earlier Link plan that would have placed speed cameras along almost every road in the State of Illinois. The first plan had such little support in the state Senate that Link did not even bring this measure to a vote. Link tried to argue that this modified proposal was all about safety in those particular zones. However, during the debate several Senators openly ridiculed Link's claim of safety and complained that this proposal was all about the government trying to take more money out of the citizens wallet. One Senator even stated that all traffic cameras were unconstitutional and that he was planning on going forth with legislation that would outlaw all existing red light cameras in the State of Illinois.

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