Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Former Chicago Cop Convicted

We have an update on the Federal police corruption trial of former Chicago police officer Mahmoud Shamah. A federal jury convicted Shamah in the trial which we first reported on November 22, 2008. Shamah was convicted of shaking down local drug dealers. He was also convicted of stealing $30,000 in cash placed in a police evidence locker by FBI agents as part of a sting operation. The theft was videotaped by the federal agents. Shamah's partner testified at the trial that he and Shamah would carry crack that they would plant on suspects, paid informants for shaky information and even bribed a Cook County judge to sign a fake search warrant. There was even a wiretap that revealed that Shamah and his partner took $100 each from $420 in cash seized from someone in a traffic stop.

Federal prosecutors asked that the Court revoke his bond arguing that he was a flight risk. The Court disagreed and allowed Shamah to remain free on bond pending his sentencing.

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