Saturday, October 4, 2008

Update on 2008 Homicide Rate

On a post from August 7, 2008, we reported on statistics released by the Chicago Police Department indicating that the murder rate in Chicago was pointing to an all-time murder rate for the year. In addition, violent crime was proceeding towards a record pace. We reported that at the end of July, 2008, the murder rate was 18 percent higher than last year. The violent crime rates for the first 9 months were released at the end of September and the numbers point to a slowdown in the rates of murder and violent crime. There have been a total of 392 murders through the end of September. This means that murder rates are up by 14.6 percent compared to last year. Overall, violent crime rates are up 2.8 percent over last year.

Some people are concerned that the increased rates of murder and violent crime are due to police workers working less aggressively due to difficult contract negotiations with the City of Chicago, staff shortages due to budget cuts and poor morale. We will keep a close eye on the violent crime rates and report them to you as they become available.

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