Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cook County Chief Judge Orders Review of Domestic Violence Court

The Chief Judge of Cook County, Timothy Evans, has appointed a special panel to review Cook County's Domestic Violence Court and issue a report on whether it is adequately protecting victims.  The decision to convene this special panel was made in the wake of two high-profile killings involving women who had obtained Orders of Protection from the Cook County Court.  We have previously discussed the case of Cindy Bischoff, who was killed on March 7 by her boyfriend as she was leaving her real estate office in Elmhurst.  Her case was the main inspiration behind a new law that was enacted earlier this month which would give judge's the power to place GPS tracking devices on individuals charged with violating an Order of Protection as a condition of their bail. A month after Cindy Bishoff was killed, Mersaides McCauley was killed by her boyfriend.  McCauley also had an Order of Protection against her boyfriend when she was killed.  Both men killed themselves after murdering the women.

This special panel consists of 14 members.  The panel is headed by Judge Grace Dickler, a veteran Domestic Relations judge who currently is assigned to the Skokie Courthouse.  Other members of this panel include academic experts, the head of public affairs of the Cook County state's attorney's office, the head of the Cook County Adult Probation Department, and several domestic violence activists.

Their final report, which will probably impact every domestic battery case in Cook County, is expected in a few months.

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