Friday, July 25, 2008

Criminal Damage to Property Charges Reduced

Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas, succeeded in having felony charges of Criminal Damage to Property reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor at the Cook County Circuit Court, Branch 48 at 51st Street. The client was at a bar one evening with friends. He apparently had too much to drink and got into an argument with some of the patrons in the bar. He was asked to leave the bar and in a fit of anger, keyed four vehicles belonging to some of the patrons he had gotten into an argument with. There were numerous witnesses to this incident as well as a video tape showing the client damaging the vehicles. The damage to vehicles exceeded $2,800.00.

The client had no criminal background. He was employed full time and the single father of young children. A felony conviction would have had dramatic life long ramifications for the client. Recognizing this, Chicago criminal defense attorney James Dimeas, negotiated with the prosecutor and was able to have the felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor. The client paid to repair the vehicles he had damaged and agreed to not have any contact with any of the bar patrons in exchange for some community service and a $200 fine.

As a result, the client avoided having a felony conviction which would have drastically complicated his life.

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