Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Man Found Not Fit To Stand Trial - Charges Dismissed

Chicago criminal defense lawyer, James Dimeas, secured a dismissal of all felony Retail Theft charges at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building at 26th and California after a Cook County Judge found the client unfit to stand trial. The client was charged with stealing merchandise from a Menards store. The client had suffered a severe brain injury when he was shot in the head during an armed robbery many years earlier. As a result, the client was unable to communicate and under the influence of numerous prescription drugs for his condition. Chicago criminal defense lawyer, James Dimeas, recognized that the client's physical and mental condition could be grounds to have the case dismissed. Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas, had the client examined by several expert doctors and was able to prove to the court that the client could not be held responsible for his actions due to his medical condition. After a hearing at 26th and California, the court was convinced that the Defendant was unfit to stand trial and on today's date, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges against the defendant.

If the Defendant had been convicted he may have been deported due to his immigration status. Even though the client had lived in the United States for over 30 years, he had never obtained his citizenship.

Chicago criminal defense attorney, James Dimeas, recognized that the physical and mental condition of his client could be used to obtain a dismissal of the charges and sought to prove this his client was not guilty.

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